High-end vacuum SPM technology
Applied nanotechnology for the global industry
NanoScan AG based in Zürich, Switzerland commercialises nano-technology by developing new products, solutions and application segments as well as by optimising current methods. Its purpose is to provide the global market with high-resolution scanning probe microscopes fulfilling present and future analytical needs on nanometersised surface structures.
In 2009, NanoScan was acquired by IONTOF, manufacturer of innovative instruments for surface analysis by time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) and high-sensitivity low-energy ion scattering (LEIS). Since then, both companies strive to design high-end instruments for surface analysis that combine physical with chemical information at the nanoscale.
IONTOF, based in Münster, Germany, is responsible for the international sales and service activities of NanoScan products.
The NanoScan VLS-80 vacuum SPM
The VLS-80 is a new high vacuum scanning probe microscope developed by NanoScan in Switzerland.
The VLS-80 combines uniquely high vacuum SPM performance with high precision sample navigation.
The new SPM scanner provides a scan range of 80 x 80 µm2 with 20 bit scanner resolution and allows for SPM analysis down from the nanometer up to the millimeter range.
High resolution photo navigation in combination with the new high precision sample stage provides unique possibilities for sample navigation.
The instrument can be operated under normal atmosphere condition or in high vacuum for maximum sensitivity in all dynamic SPM modes.
The NanoScan controller system supports all standard SPM modes and also supports unique features such as tip protection and long-distance surface profiling.
You can find everything about the VLS-80 at the IONTOF website.

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